Sr. No. M-ID Name of Association Name, Designation & Mobile No. of Maian Office Beares of Association Office Phone Fax, Email ID & Website
1. A/64 Auto Parts Manufacturers Association(India.) R-31(C),Phase-V,Focal Point Ludhiana- 141010 (Punjab) India Mr. Gurpargat Singh Kahlon (President) M: 98140-12832 Ph.: 0161-2675098 Emal: Website:
2. A/75 All India Cycle Trade Trevellers Association.
187,Cycle Shopping Center,Gill Road Ludhiana (Punjab) India”
Mr. Jatinder Pal Singh (President) M: 092165-04187 Ph.: 0161-2536287
3. C/32 Confederation of Industrial Machinary Manufacturing Ldh.
Plot No. 1, Indl. Area-A, Link Road, Ludhiana “
Mr. Kulwant Singh (President) Mob: 98140-20079 Mr. Harvinder Singh (General Secretary) Mob: 98550-78888 Ph. : 0161-5011755 Fax: 5011754 Email: Website:
4. F/11 Fasteners Manufacturers Association of India 8,Guru Nanak mkt., Adjoining Upper India Steel Ltd, Focal Point, Ludhiana. Mr. Narinder Bhamra (President) M: 98729-90349 Ph.: 0161-2670138, 2221555 Email:
5. F/12 Focal Point Indl. Sheds Association E-26, Phase- IV, Focal Point, Ludhiana. Mr. Rajnish Ahuja (President) M: 98140-27902 Ph.: 0161-2670324, 2671033 Fax: 0161-2674590 Emai:
6. F/16 Federation of Dyeing Factoriers Association SCF-4,Moti nagar, Ludhiana Mr. T.R. Misra (Chairman)
M: Mr. Parmod Gupta (President)
Ph.: 0161-2677063, 2670070
7. F/18 Focal Point Development Association C-31, Phase-II, Opp. UCO Bank, Focal Point Ludhiana Mr. Subha Singh 98140-23636 M: 98151-68313 M: 98140-23551
8. F/21 Focal Point Industries Welfare Association K-17,Phase-VII, Focal Point, Ludhiana. Mr. Ishwar Singh (President) M:98150-00936 Email:
9. F/22 Focal Point Phase VIII Industrial Association F-205, Phase-VIII, Focal Point, Ludhiana. Mr. O.P. Bassi (President) M: 98769-10610 Mr. Rajan Sachdev Gen. Secretary) M: 92169-20656 Ph.: 0161-2670556, 26711056 Email:
10. K/33 Knitwear Club(Regd.) Sutlej Tower, 2nd Floor, 549/2, Cemetory Road,Ludhiana Mr. Vinod Thapar (Chairman) M: 98151-23138 Mr. Darshan Dawar (President) M: 98159-46601 Mr. Narinder Miglani (General Secretary) M: 98150-23367 Ph: 0161-2448251, 2431864 Fax: 0161-2318664 Email: Website:
11. K/89 “Kohara Electroplaters Industrial Association
Kohara-Machhiwara Road, Kohara, Distt. Ludhiana.
M: 78377-94144″
Mr. Pardeep Singh Mob: 78377-94144 Mob: 78377-94144
12. L/13 “Ludhiana Machine Tool Manufacturers Association
No. 30, (GF), Classic Tower,near Dholewal chowk, G.T. Road, Ludhiana (Punjab) India”
Mr. Narinder Singh (President) 0161-2530556 Mr. Amarjit Singh (General Secretary) M: 93169-03550 Mr. Tarvinder Singh M: 98159-53180 Ph.: 0161-2530556 Email: Website:
13. L/14 “Ludhiana Dyes & Chemical Dealers Association (Regd.)C/o M/s Gupta Chemicals
Plot no. 48-B,Indl. Area- A Extn. Ludhiana(Punjab) India”
Mr. Yogesh K. Bansal (President) M: 98140-76962 Mr. Pardeep Maheshwari (Secretary) M: 97797-12982 Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal (Treasurer) M: 98140-21304 Ph.: 0161-2609980, 2675306, 2545201
14. L/16 “Ludhiana Sewing Machine Inds. Association (Regd.)
B-XXII, 1050, St. No.8,Dasmesh nagar, Ludhiana(Punjab) India”
Mr. Dalbir Singh Dhiman (Chairman) M: 94639-88889 Mr. Joginder Singh (President) Ph.: 0161-2531574 , 2533272, 2534891
15. P/35 Punjab Forging Industries Association E-163, Phase IV, Focal Point, Ludhiana (Punjab) India Mr. Surinder Mahendru (President) Ph.: 0161-4685000, 2670945, 4685088 Fax: 0161-2672945 Email: Website:
16. P/42 “Punjab Scooter Parts Traders & Mfgs. Association
BXX-2686-A, Adjoining Silver Arc Mall, Ferozepur Road Ludhiana.”
Mr. Sunil Bharbakar (President)M: 98883-73000 Mr. Vinod (Auth. Person) M: 99148-03333 Ph.: 0161-2424673, 2771434
17. S/81 “Small Industrial Association of Ludhiana
2417/1,St. no. 9,near Guru Nanak High School, Janta nagar, Ludhiana(Punjab) India”
Mr. Pawan Garg (President) M: 97799-11079 Ph.: 0161-2505919 Email:
18. T/27 “The Ludhiana Distt. Brick Kiln Owners Association (Regd.)
Vikas Nagar,Opp. LITT TPT, Punjab Mata Nagar Kohara,Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana.
Mr. Sarabjit Singh Dhillon (Gen. Secretary) Mob: 98155-91094 Mob: 98155-91094, 98155-57002 Email:;
19. A/134 “Advanced Cutting Tools Association
R-100, First Floor, Phase V, Focal Point, Ludhiana-141010 Ph: 0161-2671124, M: 99880-21800 “
Mr. Maninder Pal Singh (President) M: 99880-21800 Mr. Aman Gupta
(Vice President)
Ph: Office: 0161-2671124 M: 99880-21800 Email:; Website:;
20. S/169 “Small Scale Industries & Traders Association
Head Office: 9819/A, St. No.4, Kot Mangal Singh, Ludhiana-141003 M: 94637-00909 “
Mr. Rajinder Singh Sarhali (President) M: 94637-00909 M: 94637-00909 Email:;
21. S/170 “Sheet Metal Parts Manufacturers Association
622, Industrial Area- B, Ludhiana-141003 Ph.: 0161-2533186, 2532622 “
Mr. Upkar Singh (President) Mr. Kanwardeep Singh Ph.: 0161-2533186, 2532622 Email:
22. F/31 “Focal Point Welfare Association
E-758, Phase VII, Focal Point, Ludhiana-141010 M: 98557-32004, 98763-32004 “
Mr.Kulvinder Singh Benipal (President) M: 98557-32004, 98763-32004 M: 98557-32004, 98763-32004 Email:;
23. J/14 Janta Nagar Small Scale Mfgs. Association 2375, St. No. 12, Janta Nagar, Opp. Thukral Park, Gill Road, Ludhiana-141003 Mr. Jaswinder Singh Thukral (President) M: 098140-67679 Mr. Sevinder Singh Hunjan (Gen. Secretary) M: 98729-41500 Ph.: 0161-2491206, 5050461
24. A/94 All India Steel Rerollers Association Bhadla Road, Mandi Gobindgarh,-147301 Punjab (India) Mr. Vinod Vashisht (President) M: 78371-00415 Mr. Harmesh Jain (Sr. Vice President) M: 98786-59000 Mr. Rajiv Sood (Gen. Secretary (North) M: 98140-53530 Telefax: 01628-224415 M: 98556-58060 Emaail: Website:
25. S/101 Sewing Machine Development Club Sokhi Road, Opp. Inder Gas Service, Shimlapuri, Ludhiana (Punjab) India. Mr. Jagbir Singh Sokhi (President) M: 94170-27411 Ph.: 0161-2491411 Fax: 0161-2224455 Email:
26. C/38 Cutting Tools Manufacturers Association
Plot No. D-213, Phase VII, Focal Point, Ludhiana-141010
Mr. J.P. Singh Jiwan (President) M: 098724-75764 Ph: Office: 0161-3242645 M: 098724-757 64
27. P/95 Punjab Plastic Manufacturers & Traders Association (Regd.) PB.
C/o Batra Polychem Pvt. Ltd. 119, Industerial Area ‘A’, Ludhiana
Mr.Gurdeep Singh Batra President M:98150-02130
Mr. Mukesh, Gen. Secretary M: 95010-27838
Ph: 0161-4647119, Resi: 0161-2454837 Email:
28. T/32 The Ludhiana Sanitary & Pipe Traders Association
Head Office: Dashmesh Pump Store, Brown Road, Opp. Alfa Tower, Lakkar Bazar, Ludhiana
Mr. Taranjit Singh Chairman M:98150-02555
Mr. Gurvinder Singh Sachdeva, President M: 98762-00658
Mr. Anil Aggarwal, General Secretary
Ph: 0161-5019468, Resi: 0161-5019469 Email:;
29. P/105 Punjab State Agriculture Implements Manufacturers Association C/o Amar Agriculture Implements Works Amar Street , Janta Nagar, Gill Road, Ludhiana-141003 Mr. S.S. Passi
Mr. Rajdeep Singh
M: +91-98157-08476
30. A/148 Association of Ludhiana Machine Tool Industries
880, Industrial Area- A, Ludhiana (Punjab) India
Mr. Sukhdial Singh M: +91-98140-20325
Mr. Manjit Singh Matharoo M: +91-98148-100002
Ph: 0161-5046748 Email:;
31. L/30 Ludhiana Wire Manufacturers Association (Regd.)
E-575, Phase-vii, Focal Point Ludhiana Punjab India
Mr: A.D Miglani President
Mob: 9872478182
Mr: Vinay Jian Mob: 9851922731